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Attended private restrooms and showers

Relax, Revive, Experience

the washroom experience that makes the event

Relax, Revive, Experience

the washroom experience that makes the event

“Restrooms worldwide are outdated. U-Luu intends to re- imagine this customer engagement to the highest standard of expectation to deliver the cleanest, safest and most comfortable restroom experience to all its members”


improve event-goers experience of festivals and events with a premium subscription-based washroom service.

U-Luu Mobile Events Solution

Great events and festivals' deserve an exellent washroom experience.

U-Luu festivals and events washroom experience elevate the customer experience beyond traditional washroom expectations. Our well trained full-time staff ensure a consistently high-quality service. Our custom-built marquee and washroom solutions go beyond the traditional festival expectations to deliver a space people actually aspire to be.

Under One Roof

Or, Marquee to be precise


U-Luu go beyond the flush to offer a spa like experience with showers lockers, self care areas and space to relax and recharge, ready to make the most of the event.

We deploy up to 3 of our large custom manufactured, themed top hat marquees per event/festival. With a well trained full-time staff to deliver a consistent and superior restroom experience.

Each of our facilities provides a complete restroom experience with 70 clean private toilets, 30 spacious shower rooms, private lockers, personal care stations and central relaxation areas including their own café, ideal for a quick refresh time out.

  • Fully attended check-in
  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Personal care areas
  • Café/Relaxation area
  • Lockers and re-charge facilities

Beyond the Flush

Cleaver engineering and innovative technology to manage the flow of customers and safeguard the environment with best in class waste management.

Self Care

Looking and feeling your best is key to a great experience, that’s why we have large well lit self care areas, so subscribers can touch up and look their best.

Refresh & Revive

Refresh and clean up for the rest of your day. our spacious individual private shower rooms provide the perfect personal recharge point.

Secure Lockers

Our monitored and secure lockers provide the perfect accessible place to store your more precious items, recharge devices and generally store what matters. 


As a part of our recharge philosophy we provide a chilled-out café area, so take a moment to recharge your spirit and enjoy the event.

Environmentaly concious

Using best in class technology to minimize our lasting footprint at the event site.

Supporting Communities

By supporting tourism throughout Connemara


U-Luu manage and operate luxurious publically accessible restrooms at Clifden in the heart of Connemara. Enhancing the visitor experience on Irelands’ Wild Atlantic Way.

u-Luu Clidfen

Images of our Clifden facilitiess

Supporting Tourism and Communities in Connemara

U- Luu operate our refresh lab in the heart of connemara allowing us to better understand consumer behaviour and the necessities of providing a fantastic customer experience. We are currently working on additional locations serving the tourist market, supporting local communities with our small format attended washrooms facilities

Our large fixed location facility in the heart of Clifden, with family-sized showers, makeup areas and fully attended private washrooms.


We are currently working on our Summer 2022 locations. Check back for details and locations.